Candy Heart Science

Our class did an experiment with candy hearts. What happens when we put candy hearts into cider vinegar?  First, water drops formed. Next, the candy hearts started to look like they were melting. Then, you could not see the words on the candy hearts. Last, the vinegar got a darker. It also made powder and the powder sank. I am still wondering how the powder formed. I also wonder how the vinegar made it so I could not see the words.

I Am From poem

Where I’m From

I am from my key board. From my books and my jewelry.

I am from a gray house with a long hallway and a cat’s special room.

I am from the smell of rice that my father cooks.

I am from ice pops chilling in the freezer and chicken and fries boiling.

I am from my Grandma’s Easter egg hunts and a quick, quiet dad.

I am from “Put a sock in it!” and “It’s not a German train.”

I am from Spells Trouble,Don’t Look Now, and Utterly Me. From the happiness of holding, loving, and petting my cat.

I am from Boscawen, NH.

I am from the happiness of expressing myself like nobody else, by following the countries that I am from.